This is so hard to get things right, Kookie was doing so well that I thought we had this under control. Following Claire's report our vet prescribed Gabapentin 100mg x 3 daily, loxicom 1mg per kg once daily and 1mg -1.4mg Cimitidine x 3 daily. Kookie was like a different dog since starting the medication and his symptoms seemed so well controlled. I noticed yesterday he seemed more highly strung, more vocal ie barking excessively at next doors cat, slightly irritable, difficult to distract and less responsive to commands. This morning he was sensitive around face and eyes again when grooming. His eyes were squinting and he had that confused look about him, he took himself into his crate and he was cowering in the corner, he was just sitting there, yawning excessively, his body was shaking and he was drooling alot, the latter I haven't seen before. This is just so heartbreaking to see him in so much pain and I feel so helpless. I have just given him some (tramadol) as he was on this before to manage the pain and he is asleep now and I am awaiting a call back from the vet.