Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here.

I'm a proud sister to three Cavaliers: Parker (6) and Georgie (5) who are Blenheim and Rupert (4) a Ruby.

Parker went to the vet for an ear infection on Tuesday and the vet is 90% sure that Parker has MVD but needs to do blood work to confirm. My parents are trying to accumulate the money for that but want to move forward with healthy choices for all three of the boys, but Parker in particular.

I've done some research, but some of it is kind of conflicting so I would appreciate some helpful information to pass along to my parents.

We're most confused about food. The vet recommends Hills H/D which is SUPER expensive and my mom would like to just make food for Parker and his brothers. Does anyone have suggestions on foods/recipes for food?

Also, I'd kind of like to hear from some of you have have a Cavalier with a diagnosis that have gone several years with little to no progression, is there anything you've done that we should be doing? Supplements? Increase/decrease activity levels?

And are there any sources we should be looking at in particular? I printed up over 100 pages of stuff I found online but I'm not sure if any of it was anything special.

My parents use a vet who I have doubts about. He's a nice man, but when my mother asked him about SM in Cavaliers a few years back he didn't know what she was talking about... the parents love him though and keep going to him.... we're kind of being led by the blind here.

A final note for your consideration when drafting replies: My parents are not in very good shape financially... dad was injured at work last year and he's getting disability which is not nearly enough for them to live off of particularly when unforeseen expenses come up. I live nearby with my boyfriend but I'm currently between jobs so I'm not able to help either... so all of this has to be done in a budget friendly fashion.

We're also located in Southern California if that helps with talking about brands of dog food.

Thanks everyone!