So I have been doing some "window shopping" for a breeder. Honestly, we would not be ready to have a puppy for another year or longer. I have found a few I would be willing to work with....thanks to some helpful contacts given to me by members and doing my own research. My family could take in a rescue now tho so I have been checking out those groups a lot too. However, its going to be a VERY special adult cavalier to come live in my house for a number of reasons....Mr. Monster being one of them

I have found this "foster program" on several sites. So I feel I can ask in this open fourm....what is the deal? Here's the common idea of how these programs work. The breeder gives you a female to raise, when the girl is "mature" enough you bring the dog back to the breeder to be bred then she has puppies and comes back home. After the female is "finished being bred" she will be spay and given to you free of charge. Each breeder gave a slightly different description of their program but that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I know breeders use stud dogs, where a female come to visit the stud's home then returns home hopefully pregnant. However, this female "foster" thing just seems weird to me. On one hand I it feels like the breeder has just found another money making tool, but on another if the breeder was following MVD and/or SM protocols and waiting until 2.5 years to mate it makes some sense, but who would be responsible for getting the MRI, cardio cert, the eye's checked etc. and what if she did not pass???? And what if something went wrong????? I mean I would be worried sick if MY baby was having puppies and going thur the whole giving birth thing without me....her Mommy there to comfort her if nothing else. Am I just being a drama queen???? Is this a good idea or just another money making way to USE these females???

Personally, I don't think I would EVER do this even if the breeder was doing ALL the testing...there are just too many what if's to put my heart into a dog I had little to no say in....well she would legally BELONG to the breeder. I was just wondering what ya'll thought? I honestly think a truly good breeder who never want her breeding dogs away from home either.