I feel a lot better after Elton's appointment. I explained that I may be a little over cautious because I had Ella who had severe SM, but when Elton screamed when I put a collar on him and my friends saw it (who were skeptical that anything was wrong with Ella in the beginning), I wanted him checked out. I had Elton's MRI on a CD that I brought.

He came back after doing a clinical exam and he said (which sounds bad) he could not get Elton to yelp and he tried real hard. He said he usually (unfortunately) almost always will have cavaliers yell. He said to him, he seems like a happy, healthy cavalier. He doesn't doubt me about the yelping and even in his office Elton was scratching, but he doesn't feel like I should be concerned. I told him (which is true) I do not see a pained look in his eyes. I do know scratching can be a form of pain (it also can be increasing due to allergies) which I thought.

He said we can try Tagamet but he doesn't feel he needs to be on anything. He mentioned that Tagamet (sorry can't spell generic name) has little side effects and is mostly harmless but can interfere with other medication. I think he said anti seizure but I could be confused due to next part.

He wanted to discuss Elton's fly catching (biting). He said he is not 100% convienced it is connected to CM/SM. I know there was a study Rod pointed out about might be connection with GI issues, but I did not bring that up. He saw my videos and said he is definately showing this behavior.

He said unless it was constant or interfering with his life, he doesn't like prescribing anti seizure medication. He said they are very strong Ian's due to it only happening once a day at most for 30 seconds to a minute, he doesn't want him on them. He said the dogs he has on them can not stop at all and even with 4 medications will still have issues.

He mentioned something I never heard. He said he has found lyrica helping with this behavior. Could be coincidence.