One of my dogs, Maddie is 3 & half years old (she's a blenheim cavi) and she was diagnosed with CM a couple of years ago by MRI. They put her on steroids (Prednicare), she had to come off these when she had an operation for a luxating patella 18 months ago, she didn't go back on them as she didn't appear to be showing any symptoms.

Over the last year we've noticed her scratching a lot, rubbing her face on the floor etc. we mentioned it to the vets a couple of times and nobody told us it was a symptom of CM, they just suggested changing her diet, our cleaning products etc. It was only by chance that I came across a video showing dogs acting the same way she does and I realised what it was.

So we took her back to the vets and after some delay because she was also diagnosed with hip displaysia, she's now been put back on Prednicare 5mg a day but it's making her crazy hungry, I feel so bad for her because she seems to be hungry all the time, I think she'd just eat and eat all day long if I let her.

I want her to continue taking medication for the CM because I think it's also helping her hip problems, she actually ran on a field for 5 minutes yesterday and hasn't been lay down all day today feeling sorry for herself, which is a big improvement. I just want her to be more comfortable though, it can't be nice being hungry all the time.

She also takes Serequin I think it's called daily and has metacam when she needs it.

Sorry i'm totally waffling here, my question is, is there maybe another medication I can ask the vets about that doesn't make them so hungry? Sorry, I go on a bit when I get going lol.