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Thread: Sydney - 1st Anniversary in Heaven

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    Oh Joyce, what a klutz I am, forgetting this, and arriving to send my regards a week late.

    I have no excuse except just lots of things going on in my personal life.

    But, he was such a beautiful boy, and such a trooper right up to the end, just being there for you. I am personally thankful he took away your need to make a decision.....and it became 'him' making the decision. You needed that, as I'm not sure if you could have.

    I think of him often, and as Karlin said, his sweet smiling face on your avatar. He will live forever in your heart, and through his little sister BellaMia.

    Hugs to you both.
    Cindy and Claire
    Claire was born on Feb7, 2010

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    Oh Joyce,

    I also wish I would have replied on the same day, but I have to say that I really have been thinking of you and Sydney every day since you posted this. Like others have said, Sydney was dear to many of us here. Like Kelsey said, you have such a big heart and are there for all of us and seeing Sydney's smile on your avatar is like him watching over.

    Thinking of you,

    Anne Proud mother of Elton 5 and Angel Ella


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