Hello All,

Flynn has been having some serious poopy problems. When I first brought him home Feb 14, 2013 he developed diarrhea within 24hrs. We brought him to the vet ASAP, they tested him for everything under the sun, and it all came back negative. They gave him anti-biotics, pro-biotics, and then we dewormed him about a week later. He was absolutely fine from Feb 22nd 2013 or so until March 22nd, when the diarhhea started again. We went back to the vet on March 25th, because the diarrhea got extremely liquidy and became an "urgent" issue every couple of hours (all day, all night - poor baby). The vet again tested him for everything under the sun, gave him the anti-biotice and pro-biotics, and suggested the Hills Diet for sensitive stomaches (I think it is the I/D, but I cannot remember). I didn't want to feed it to him, but gave it to him for one day to see if it made a difference... and instead of making him better, it made him vomit, so we stopped immediately and slowly started feeding him his normal food again. We feed him Blue Buffalo Wilderness for puppies, dry only.

He was fine again until Wednesday night (Apr 3rd) when the stool started becoming loose again. As of last night, he is back to liquid, with some larger loose stools in between.

Other than the "poopy problem" and some extra tears/tear staining, he is acting completely normal. He is eating and drinking fine; he is active and happy; he runs around, then cuddles - all of his usual behaviours.

Also, I should mention that the stool is normal in colour (there is definitely no blood and it never looks dark or tarry).

I really don't want to bring him back to the vet again, because I have found that they just try to bandaid the problem, without actually figuring out what is wrong (because to them, there is "nothing wrong").

Flynn will be 5months old next weekend, and this is the 3rd time I have had this problem in under 2 months. I am now at a complete loss, and other than pumpkin, rice, etc to soothe his tummy, I have NO IDEA what to do or how to help him

Has anyone has similar problems, or can make a suggestion? I am starting to think that this sounds more like food allergies... but I have no idea.

Here is a link to the ingredients of the food he is on, if that helps: