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Thread: Poopy Puppy Problems

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    When I got Bosco, he had similar issues, and after many trips back/forth to vet he was diagnosed with giardia and treated with pancur. It did solve the problem, but it took about 2 weeks. Don't be surprised if the diarrhea returns (I hope it doesn't!), but giardia is difficult to get rid of and hard to detect. I hope you are walking him outside your yard, as giardia (if that is the culprit) can start breeding in your yard.

    Bosco is now about 1.5 years, but I definitely know that he has a sensitive tummy. Took us a bit to find a good food for him, and I am very careful with treats. Keep us posted. I remember those initial weeks with Bosco very well, and the worry that went along with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MomObvious View Post
    First you obviously need a new vet.....You should NEVER leave the vet feeling annoyed because of vague answers to your concerns. Just my opinion.......

    The metronidazole is THE wonder drug for clearing up doggie runny poop so it should help a lot. Fletcher went thur a bit of this when I first got him. Same thing no "reason". But I do think so of it is normal puppy, teething can cause runnier eyes and yucky poop.
    TOTALLY agree with this. Lady had the worst tummy from 4 months - 9 months. She is finally on a great 'run' (pun intended, heehee) of not having the 'runs' for about 3 months now! I think the metronidazole is what did it. We received the same medication for her diarrhea (can't remember what it's called) each time until we saw another vet in our practice who prescribed this. After finishing metronidazole she has not had diarrhea again! She was getting it at least once or twice a month, so this was a relief!

    I think some puppies just have weak tummies. I also think variety is a very good thing. I was almost TOO careful about what I fed her in the beginning, to the point where I only gave her the normal twice a day Wellness kibble and some peanut butter every now and then. Now she gets (sparingly) plain greek yogurt, carrots, boiled chicken breast and peanut butter and bacon organic treats - Love these, my brother discovered them and he is a bigger nut than I am about what kind of treats/food you feed your baby...they're shaped like mail men and cats
    . I do believe the variety, reaching a year and the metronidazole all helped her tummy become a bit stronger. I'm sure your baby will be fine
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    Thanks again! The diarrhea has been quite worrisome...

    We live in a condo, so we don't have our own yard for him to poop in - we just takes walks around the block and to the nearby park (extemely careful not to encounter other dog poops).

    The first diarrhea incident was likely parasites, but I dont think the other ones have been, honestly. After my most recent post about the poop being good again, we had another diarrhea occurance... And then it hit me... Puppy obedience classes!!! Every diarhhea occurance started right after class. I took a look at the treats we use for training, and although they are a good quality, natural soft beef jerky, they are the ONLY thing I have ever fed him with beef in it! This time, we just took him out as often as he needed, continued to feed him his normal food accompanied by an ice cube of frozen pumpkin twice/day, and it cleared up in 2 days.

    This being said, I have contacted the manufacturer of the treats to make sure there are no recalls on their products, and informed them of the problem, just in case it is the treat itself and not the protein source... You can never be too careful!

    i just can't believe it took me so long to make the connection.... I was so worried about parasites and food quality that I didn't even think about the treats.... Mom fail.
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    Sounds like you may have spotted the problem. Not a mom fail! These things can take a while to put together!! Patterns can be really hard to spot.

    Some puppies can be especially sensitive about new foods and especially, treats. It can just be the change in food or the richness of the treats or some ingredient in them. Often this kind of issue vanishes when pups reach adulthood. (I have always found kittens and puppies often have on-off diarrhea problems that eventually go away by themselves...).

    Maybe try something like small pieces of freeze dried liver? This is tolerated well. Or tiny bits of cubed chicken? these kinds of things tend to upset tummies less. Beef BTW is one of the common meat ingredients that some dogs can have allergies or food intolerances too. If I give raw minced beef, my dogs often have runnier stools for some reason.
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