i showed GREAT restraint today...i decided to take Maggie to petsmart to check and see if they had her collar in a bigger size..
and what hit with a wall full of MUPPET STUFF.

I...am OBSESSED with muppets. i love them.
So ..poor magie showed great patiene as i made her try on the Miss piggy dress..then the Animal dress...then the Kermit Tshirt
None looked good on her...the joys of puppys growing up. haha.
So i compromised and got the kermit bandana.

then we turned the corner..and a whole wall of disney clothes.. nothing quite her size excetp for a grumpy dwarf tshirt. didnt look great..so i just got the grumpy dwarf banada.

She looks sooo cute in her kermit the frog bandana.

the ME..wanted to buy the entire collection of clothes.