Coco has been in heart failure since last October and came to me with heart disease last January. Fortunately she has a very attentive Cardiologist who has prescribed and tweeked all of her drugs so she has maintained a good quality of life.

This morning Coco was coughing a bit, this we due to her heart irritating her trachea as they day wore on her breathing became more laboured and eventually I took her into the Clinic, fortunately her Cardiologist was good enough to come out to her even though he is not on duty.

Coco has a bit of fluid on her right lung, because she has built up a resistance to furosemide, he is trying something different. I can't be, sure but I think he said it was Torasemide and also some Cardalis which is a combination of Spiroloctane and Fortekor, the Cardalis will be topping up what she has already had today.

Even though Coco has not had belly fluid, she is on a low dose of moduret, we had to play around with this a bit because too much made her quite unwell.

Coco is now in an Oxygen tent, he has given her something to stop the irritation of the trachea which will also act a very light sedative.

The main problem with Coco seems to be the mitral valve deteriorating and her heart being so large, so we really are walking a fine line.

At the moment she is comfortable and will know more in the morning.