Hi, my dog is 12 years old and has just been booked in to have his teeth done for the 3rd time. He is only booked in provisionally as he had a heart blood test done today which we are waiting for the results from before him having his teeth done for definite. It is mainly precaution for his heart as his murmur has been the same since he was diagnosed at age 5 (grade 2 one side and grade 3 the other). Once this comes back ok as I believe it will hopefully he will have his teeth done next Monday. My worry is that the first time he had his teeth done was a year after I got him (I got him at age 4), and he had to have 4 teeth removed. Then 3 years ago when he was 9 he had to have 19 removed, between first and second time it was 4 years but I am worried that as he only has 19 left now, that if he has many more removed he wont do very well. I know for certain he will have to have two out, but he wouldn't let the vet look in his mouth properly as he hates it so much so the vet only got a glimpse on one tooth which he said has a root exposed. Later at home I got a better look as he is better with me looking and saw that he has a wobbly tooth as well at the front, so guess this will also be removed. I feel so guilty and like im a terrible mother to him as his teeth get so bad but cleaning them is nigh on impossible, I try and do it but I only have one pair of hands and trying to keep him in the same place and get his mouth open and clean them is very difficult. Did try bones for a while but he used to hurt his teeth on them and yelp and then not go near them. I have just ordered petzlife gel and spray to use after he has them cleaned, providing he can get them cleaned in the hope that I can then just put the gel round his teeth might be easier than with a brush, but even when I have tried that in the past with toothpaste it hasn't worked well. Also for the spray but then find it difficult to spray on those back teeth as cant get his mouth open enough! Not really sure what i'm asking I guess other peoples experience and whether anybody else's cavalier has lost that many teeth or if i'm the worst mum ever. He has 19 left, and if just 2 are removed still has 17 but if has more worried how he will manage. I really have tried with keeping on top but they just get so bad and he gets in such a state. He is a brilliant dog its just his teeth are our main problem. Thank you in advance for any advice or idea's/thoughts. Sorry its so long. Annie