Are dogs affected by seasonal allergies? In my area we are pledged but several weeks of tree pollen covering EVERYTHING will a layer of yellow dust. I mean EVERYTHING......... You can actually see the dust swirl in the air some times its awful and there is little you can do to escape it. If we are lucky we will have a few heavy rains during this time to keep in at bay, but within a day its dustville again. It does not bother me at all tho I do what I can to avoid it. We use the A/C don't open our windows, I shower every night and wash my sheets and our clothes everyday. Mr. Monster suffers the worse in my house, his little eyes are swollen a bit, he's sneezing a lot and he is itchy. I noticed Fletcher's eyes are a runnier than normal too. He is not rubbing at them tho and its not like I'm having to wiping them nonstop just like three times a day where before he would occasionally wake up in the morning needing his eyes wiped.

This pollen attack just really started this week so I'm wondering if I should wait it out or go ahead and call the vet.