Hello all. I'm April and I am without a Cavalier currently. I have always worked too many hours or was underway on my ships that it would have been cruel to a dog if I had one.
My health sort of made a decision to finally get one as I am no longer able to serve aboard a ship any longer. I was a Chief Engineer on a patrol boat for the last year when I came down with Cancer in January. I've been on convalescent leave since February when I had surgery to remove the Cancer.
the fact I had cancer is now responsible for transferring me to a shore unit where I will be home every night. A blessing! I've spent 14 years in the Coast Guard and all but 3 were at sea or in a restricted location( meaning no family-pets-no time off- they were in the arctic of Alaska and Kuwait)

i am in search of a Cavalier female. I have visited many shelters and missed out on one 5yo. She was adopted to a different family.
anyway- I've visited a local rescue who seems to specialize in breeder rescues. The dogs are seized from cruel breeders. I saw a 3yo female yesterday who had been brought in the previous night. She was curious who I was but wouldn't get close yet. She is a very nice looking blenham. This week at some point, a tri color is being brought in and she is about 5yo. Apparently these girls were breeders and never pets. It is so sad that people do that but you can't teach morals to those monsters. I will come back to the rescue when the owner calls and lets me know their health stays. They need to see a vet and get cleaned up.

well I hope I am not biting off more then I can handle. My mother rescued a female Japanese Chin(Molly) breeder who was physically abused. She was very shy the first week, but became such a loyal and lovely family member. Her "brother" Chin(yum yum) in the family was rescued as a puppy a few years prior- he is a bit wild but loyal and listens.

I hope to save one of those girls at the rescue. I would take two if I could but afraid the landlord wouldn't allow. Plus one may be all I can handle at a time.