I take maggie to the beach a lot.
she meets a lot of dogs..and the owners all fall in love with her.
a few of them..whoms dogs like maggie and they love to play..sometimes end up calling her their dogs girlfriend. "look its your girlfriend"

now we meet a lot of dogs...and they all remember maggie and i have a hard time always remembering them..sometimes its easy others i forget.

anyways..we were just coming back to the car..shes on her leash in the parkinglot. therse a group of people taking dogs outa their trucks..and she goes over to say hi.. i could see her..but i couldnt see the dog she was saying hi to just yet (was coming up behind her)
and i hear
"look its your girlfriend!!"

come up...and i see a dog we've never seen before. A black and tan cavalier.

i loveeee black and tans and ive never seen one in person before.

i was like "oh hes soooooo beautiful"
she goes

"do you want him? you can have him"

haha i was like oh.. "yes i dlove to take him home" thinking she was joking. "hes all yours if you want" if he was trouble or something.

nope..it was a rescue orgaization and he was up for adoption. foot in mouth there.
yes..i woudl take him in a heart beat...

however..i have 2 cats nad a 6 month old haha..in a basement suiet. im full.

but ohhhhh i wanted to so bad.