okay, please forgive....I have looked up my dogs AKC paperwork because I am curious. His parents both have CHIC numbers. Listed below their names on the registration is OFA hip results CERF(eye test) and age of test and DNA number. I can't remember if parents had CHIC number at time of my dog's registration because I thought it showed in the pedigree. Anyway, to find actual health results besides the hip you must go to OFA website or ask for certificate from breeder.
I also looked up my old dog import paperwork. He has listed below his info, parents name and Health screening: KC/BVA schemes and DNA tests but no info. I am assuming parents weren't tested. So would Eye, Heart results be listed below BVA schemes and DE/CC be listed below DNA tests? Then how do they list the test with an actual normal, carrier, affected or other? Would a buyer know the results of test on dog's registration or would they have to go to the breeder scheme website?

(I hope that wasn't too confusing)