So jd had his teeth cleaning done yesterday. He started with 18 yesterday (due to previous dentals) he now has seven left . He had 11 removed, he has no teeth on his right hand side and just 7 left his on left hand side. He is doing really well, he insisted on eating dinner last night, he is now having his dry food soaked in water and it makes it really soft. His tongue does sort of hang out of his mouth at times on the right, but gradually during the day today he seems to be able to keep it in. The diarrhoea he had yesterday is gone too which is good. He is on painkillers and antibiotics so doesn't seem in pain at the moment, was earlier but then had some more painkillers and was fine. Sleeping a bit more but that is to be expected. He has got stitches in there too, but they are dissolvable ones. He has an appointment on Thursday to check but he seems to be doing fine. The only thing im not sure about is that he isn't drinking much, I wasn't sure as his tongues seems to come out side of his mouth now if he cant drink very well. However with his food he used to just have dry once a day. Now he is having dry with water added to soak it then more added so he is having the equivalent of what he normally drinks added to his food so thinking this probably means its ok? He is weeing normally as well. Anyway considering everything he is doing really well! He is covered in blood though, they left him with blood on his head, his neck, his feet. I saw him and burst into tears haven't bathed him yet as that seems mean when he is recovering but I will bath him soon as cant be nice for him either. Anyway wanted to say how he was doing! And asked about the water issues? Thanks very much. Annie