Hello everyone, been a while since I posted. I'm aware similar threads have been posted, but I was looking for an answer unique to my situation.

Summer's approaching, and with it comes warm temperatures and sunny days. Naomi's black coat definitely heats up. I've noticed that since the weather has gotten warmer, during outside play time she will pant. In the mornings I take her to the local dogpark at odd hours, so we are the only ones there. She'll pant, but the whole time keep running around, sniffing and playing. When she starts to slow down is when we go home.

Do you think her panting is safe as long as her energy level isn't dwindling? I make sure she always has clean water available (including at the park), and during outside play times make her break every 5-10 minutes to be sure she is drinking enough. She'll pant inside too, sometimes, while laying in a patch of sun from the window (but will not get up from the patch, and will be grumpy if I move her from her warm spot).

Naomi came into my life during the winter, so I can't tell if she's just a dog who pants a lot in the summer, or if something is wrong.

Also: Naomi is nearing the 6 month mark. In the past week or so, she has had some odd regressions. Around five months she took some steps back in training, including wetting in the house. However, since the day she came home she has been perfect regarding bowel movements outside, and never had an accident. In the past week or two, she has had 3 accidents, all bowel movements, and all during heavy play sessions. Any one have any idea why this would be?

Normally she has a really long "poopy dance" but during these instances she's either been playing with her doggie playmate (twice)
or me (once) and just mid game will squat and go... extremely unusual for her.