Hi all. I am at a loss here. We have always had Cavvies and loved them all, but we had a special boy whom we lost a couple of months ago. My "Buddy" was 10 years old and he and I had a very special bond. I have loved with all my heart all our little Cavvies, but my "Buddy" and I were especially close. We've lost Cavvies before, but this time, I feel terribly confused about how I am feeling. I am continuously having "flashbacks" of him as a puppy, of all the things we did together, his last moments in life etc, etc. I am finding myself continuously breaking my heart , crying uncontrollably, and have an actual physical pain in my chest...am I going mad??? The little Cavvies we have lost over the years I have broken my heart over too, but this time, it feels so different. As crazy as this sounds, I feel as if a part of my soul is gone...I have a wonderful husband whom I love dearly, but I feel as 'tho I have lost the love of my life...only you guys on this site will understand...is something wrong with me???...I have never ever felt this way over any of my other wee dogs in the past...I've tried and tried the "acceptance" bit...how do I handle this, what do I do??? Also, does anyone know of a site etc. where you can get a replica stuffed toy, made up of your dog's photo? Thanks Guys, love to you all and your wee furbabies.