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Thread: Checkup and heart results

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    Default Checkup and heart results

    Everyone's been in to see the vet for an annual checkup, between last week and this!

    Leo's murmur is up to a 5 -- he's 9.5, but not showing any symptoms of heart disease yet, thankfully, though he has the worst SM of the group. Jaspar (9.5) has a low grade murmur. It figures the two rescue dogs of unknown background (one from the pound, one a puppy farm) have the best hearts! They are probably about 8 (Lily --barely audible murmur) and Tansy (maybe 7-9) with no murmur at all.

    Am going to try Leo on Lyrica and see how he does -- he's on the max for gabapentin, which works OK but not totally adequate for him.
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    Wow! Those are really great results. Sorry Leo's SM isn't any better though. Good idea to try Lyrica.
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