Ok, so you may have all seen my thread about getting an other dog. I went ahead and took the plunge.
he came MUCH sooner then expected, but my breeder, who i spent forever finding and is brilliant, (I got my first cavalier- a tri boy- from him) said they had a tri boy that was unspoken for that i could take when he was 8 weeks !
He had two brothers and a sister, a tri brother, a blenheim boy and a blenheim girl.

I took it as a sign that it was meant to be and that he was meant to be with me.
So he came home MUCH sooner than I was planning to have a second, but i am glad i did.

This is Deniki.
He is 9 weeks old

As for the name, Deniki is a place along the Kokoda trail So i am keeping a little theme
Now my next cav will be a black and tan

Kokoda isn't too sure of him still, i don't blame him, Deniki just bites him all of the time, but they have had moments of play so i dont doubt that they will be friends

Without further blabbering, Here he is. Mr 'Sneaky' Deniki.

Sleepy Deniki

My boys