I know she's still a puppy...and puppys have accidents...and some..probably our..accidents are preventable. but they're still frusterating.

Maggie sleeps in my bed..
and lastnight...she HADDDD to go...oh more then an hour before her regular time/last empty..around 7. (her regular last empty timei s 830) so i took her. she went.
830 rolls around and she poops..but isnt peeing......try...try...wait..nothing..kitty cat comes around..shes distracted..her best buddys out to play.
so we head inside...we get into bed..and i was just about to watch my shows on my ipad....when i look over...
shes peed in my bed.

I was sooo mad. she went in her kennel while i cleand up..switched the sheets...then i got into bed by myself and tried to watch my shows. oh she was LOOSING it in her kennel.
maggie can throw a tantrum like no bodys buisness.
eventually i let her back up onto my bed (was always the plan anyways) and she was very sorry..snuggling and kisses.

she goes through the night most nights..and will jump down offf the bed to tell me if she cant hold it.

this morning..we woke up...alls good. I decide to make my bed before going out for our pee (oh big mistake mama) look over..shes peed on the carpet.

I shoulda stayed out longer last night
shoulda taken her out before i made the bed....

but she didnt tell me and it was frusterating.

oh man.
i guess if thats all..im fairly lucky..she rarely has any accidents these days.. lol