Her Name is Velvet, and she is 9 weeks old now, she came home 6 days ago. Isn't she pretty!!!

Bentley is having a bit of a hard time with it all, but he is getting better. He was pretty bent out of shape the first couple of days (they were good on neutral ground, but as soon as we walked through the door of the house and he realized she was there with us, he got really growly and snarley with her. The growling is over so is the snarling, but I can tell he is not super thrilled still, he does try to hump her now and then which I am not allowing. (he is neutered so it is dominance related) But that is becoming less and less of an issue as each day goes on. Now to just get them to stop trying to steal each others toys and bully sticks.

Bentley does not look thrilled here! lol.. I was saying "I am in CAVALIER Heaven" when DH took this pic

It was a LONG ride home with a mouthy puppy and a 2 year old cavie boy who was not interested in sharing my lap with her lol.