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Thread: Brushing - help

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    Default Brushing - help

    oh dear.
    Maggie is very easy going...dosnt mind when i dress her up in silly outfits..could care less about so many things..
    but since shes only just started growing her hair longer (ears particularly not really the body fur)
    i bought a brush..recomended by petsmart..its a small one similar in style to this this

    ive tried brushing her a few times..but she HATES shes snappy (at the brush..NOT me..she NEVER snaps at me or any other person)..tries to snap at the brush with her teeth.
    is it the type of brush do you think? lack of use/familiurarity?
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    Slickers can be very harsh. So she may not like it.
    Just use a comb, that is what I find works best out of all the ones i have tried

    Otherwise if you really want a slicker buy ones with the little heads on the pins. (This is the best picture to describe what i mean - - but you can find one that still looks like an actual brush rather than a kids toy )
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    I think all dogs are different. With puppies, it is a good idea to start getting them used to brushes from day one with a very soft puppy brush, even though they don;t need any brushing.

    Pin slickers may be way too rish on her skin still as she is young. I find they are the most effective brushes but handling depends on how heavy the dog's coat is. With some, I have to very carefully avoid touching them with it and most use it for removing matts.

    None of my dogs would tolerate a comb as the main way of grooming -- pulls far too much.I use a comb to gently remove some tangles or to finish off to make sure the brushes have collected all snarls.

    I good human style paddle brush can be the most generally effective as long as there aren;t bad matts'. I use a boar bristle style brush.

    NB some cavaliers do NOT have a heavy think coat but a flat smooth one, and a pin brush might be totally unusable on such dogs. Jaspar is like this -- can only use it for matts.

    The covered pin brushes are good -- but the covers do tend to come off over time so they need regular replacing (well the pins come out of the regular slickers too, so they need replacing as well).
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    I use a wooden brush as a general brush. It get through and gives a nice massage.

    Mine is here:

    Then I have a brush for dry angling mats, but I really cut mats that form (ask a groomer to show you how to do this safely, a scissor cut can require stitches).

    As a basic rule, if it is painful on my hand, I don't use it on a dog.

    Especially when young you really want very good experiences with grooming.


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