Im absolutly seething. Leo and I were out for a walk today, on the way back we had just reached our road when coming towards us on the otherside of the road were two people with their dogs.
These dogs are known in our neighbourhood for being agreesive. I noticed they were both on leads so didnt worry too much. As we passed eachother one of the dogs (a black lab) started growling and barking and pulling on the lead to get to us.
The woman was struggling to control him and dropped the lead. The dog ran across the road towards us and was growling and barking and snapping at Leo.
The woman was screaming at her dog to come back but he didnt. I managed to kick the dog away from Leo when she reached us.
She didnt say a word !
Not she was sorry or anything she just started dragging her dog, which was still growling and barking away from us.
I told her she should have him muzzled to which she replied "He's not like that.....he doesnt need a muzzle"

Im agressive does a dog have to be for its ignorant stupid owner to see its a danger.

Her husband just kept walking, I continued to tell her in no uncertain terms that her dog was dangerous and needed to be controled. She dragged him away telling me he was fine and Leo wasnt hurt so what was the problem !!!

I know where these people live and their names. Should I report them? Not sure how to go ahead. I do know other people on my estate have had problems with these dogs.

Sorry to rant but Im still furious.