So Toby was doing well on Gabapentin, but the last three weeks, it hasn't been holding up....lasting less, breakthrough pain etc.
Then, last weekend, we had the worst weekend I have ever experienced - his SM yelps, turned into screams. I am haunted by the sounds
We have an Emergancy appointment with the neuro on Thursday...she is staying late for us. I just hope we can get the right meds adjusted for him. Right now he is on 100 mg Gabapentin three times a day, a starting dose, so we have lots of room to play and add new meds/doses etc. so that gives me hope.

I just don't think I understood SM entirely until the last week. A yelp used to scare me...and then I heard him scream

I am heart broken. His life has been such crap before we rescued him, I just want to do whatever I can to help him. We have his anxiety totally under control, got his patella fixed with great success, and now it is just the looming SM, which he has probably dealt with for years, but his old owners who stuck him in a cage and left him outside just ignored it hurts my heart.

I have a list of questions, Clare Rusbrisge treatment chart, etc. all on hand, and our neuro specializes in SM in the Brussles Griffon, so I feel set...but if you think of anything to add to my list or a random thought, do share! Talked to the neuro today, she is worried but feels we have a lot of meds and plans to begin to tailor for him...I hope so.