I think I am NOT the only owner who will say that their cavalier only tolerates grooming. I have brushed Fletcher every single day since I have owned him (a whole year) and he's well behaved however its NOT his favorite part of the day. Lately now that the weather is getting warmer AND the fact that Fletcher is now fully grown we have been having more problems with tangles and mats. I switched to Isle of Dogs products which has helped a lot....the leave in conditioner spray is wonderful!!!!!!! However, they're is at least one really messy spot on him daily. He's started to hide from me at grooming time.... I take out the brushes and he runs to his crate or under our bed etc. I call him and he slowly comes (normally) his recall is wonderful especially inside the house. Last night when it was time to brush he came to me after I called him 6 times but when I went to pick him up he ran away from me!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want him all matted up, but I don't want him to associate me as the "mean Mommy". He is fine the rest of the day normal playful cuddly Fletcher but take those brushes out he hates me.

I'm wondering if I should possibly seek a professional groomer? I do know one I would trust with Fletcher but I'm still not wanting to CUT his hair just do a good brush out regularly. Maybe if a good pro groomer brushed him out once every two or four weeks, would that be enough to keep the mats at bay? Am I just being too picky thinking my cavalier can be mat free at all times? Is Fletcher training me to NEVER be the bad guy? Should I just stay the course and just ignore his whip-ish behavior.

Any advice would be great since I have never owned a long haired dog before.