Thanks all!!!!!!! I knew I was not alone Maybe I'm being unrealistic thinking Fletcher should be silky and tangle free at all times. That's pretty much like saying all 3 year old little girls should always have perfect little curls at all times. After all he's a dog. I think I am going to run him by my favorite groomer and talk about "thinning" the spots that mat so easily- behind the ears and feathers (really its more like armpits). I need to take him anyway for a nail trim (I have to have them filed after because freshly cut nails are too sharp for playing with Mr. Monster) I'm also going to continue the evening brushing too, its a good habit and he's just going to have to learn to deal with it. I do give him plenty of treats and I sweet talk him the whole time. I use a double sided pin/soft brush and a comb with the leave in conditioner on any mats if I need to.