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    This has to be a first. The weather is warming and dandelions are poking their heads up. So as I'm digging them up and discarding them, Charlie thinks they're treats and is gobbling up the roots. Delicious he signals as he runs off so I can't take them away.

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    Oh my goodness! My new puppy girl Velvet, tries to eat Dadelions too! I thought she just had strange taste! Bentley looks at her with that head tilt when she tries to eat them, like she is the weirdest pup he has ever seen lol. Hubs dug them up too and she has been looking for them bummed out ever since, she keeps sniffing at the area that they were growing in, with that look of despair. God she is cute!
    Loving my Tricolor boy Bentley and his brand new black and tan sister Velvet!


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