Luke just went to the eye doctor tonight, and the doctor said he had a small cataract in his right eye. He did not have it when he was checked about 11 months ago, and his regular vet didn't mention it in March. He was seen by a resident and the staff doctor. The resident only saw it when the doctor asked her if she had seen it, and then she went and looked again. The doctor today just recommended that it be checked again in 6 months.
When I looked online about treatment, some places are recommending Ocluvet drops, and they appear to have good success rates, particularly with earlier onset cataracts. They're pricey though. I'm looking to find some reputable sources of info on the drops before I plunk down the cash, but if there is a chance they may work, I am thinking of at least trying them until his 6 month recheck. Anyone tried it?