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I have read these articles and I still state that Pimobendan has helped MY DOG and a few others I know of...I myself have to take medication that is allowed for sale in all or most European countries but not the US as there are risks I say again WITH ALL MEDICATIONS.

Also when I posted about Pippin before I was asking for the advice of people who had their dogs on these meds. I wasn't asking for your one sided opinion on my vet or my dog, so please stop being so negative...BTW I still don't think you needed to post about Rimadyl as it was a one sided view and many people have good results with it.

You don't agree, fine, let's leave it there...please.
So, Pippa, you still insist upon trying to edit (or I should say, "edit out") my posts. First, we've had three (count 'em: 3) cavaliers on pimobendan, so I qualified, under your strict editorial standards, to respond to your inquiry about pimo. Second, I don't need to post any comments anywhere, but if a dog dies of a drug frequently prescribed to CM/SM cavaliers, and the vet gets sued for prescribing that drug, I should be allowed to post a link to an article on that subject under the SM and MVD forum here.

Just because many dogs have good results from pimo, or get relief from Rimadyl, does not mean that stories about dogs dying from the premature administration of pimo, or the overdose of Rimadyl, should be banned from being posted on bulletin boards such as this one.

When you start your own email list, Pippa, you may make your own tight, restrictive rules about what may be posted. On my Yahoo email list (http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/MVDincavaliers/), we have no restrictions as to access, and if member want to post about CKCS health topics other than MVD, then may do so and have done so.