I've just been to the vet and am now debating whether or not I should vaccinate for Leptospirosis, and was wondering if others could share their thoughts and experience.

The girls spend a lot of time outside, except the majority is in the city. On weekends we go out to the suburbs where my parents live and they spend all day outside in their backyard where there is a fair amount of racoons, skunks, etc. but no rivers/ponds. We will be traveling to Newfoundland this summer and will be spending a lot of time outside there, but I cant find any information on whether it is prevalent there.

The vet didn't really recommend one way or the other since the dogs are kind of in the middle of the risk zone. But the vaccine is apparently the riskiest for adverse reaction.

I dont believe Gracie has ever had the vaccine and Lady had it at 8 weeks (which my vet was kind of shocked), and I decided not to give her the booster at 4 months.

Any advice would be appreciated!