Really worried about my baby....

Charlie is 3 years old Cavalier, he has been a perfectly healthy, excitable happy boy ...up until the last 2 weeks.

About 2 weeks ago Charlie started limping on his front right leg, he seems to do this more when he gets out of his bed after a sleep. We took him to the vets who gave him a thorough examination, the vet could not find any injury but gave Charlie ibrufen just in case he had sprained his leg. After finishing the ibrufen Charlie still had the limp and it was slightly worse we took him back the vets last night, again he said there is no sogn of injury and he has sent us to see a specialist for x-rays but he thinks it could be Neurological as he thinks Charlie is forgetting to walk...I am so scared, could this be a sign of Syringomyelia?

Charlie does spend a lot of time scratching his ear to the point of getting them matted, his ears gave been checked and there is no sign of this just a Cavalier thing or is it another sign.

Please can anyone help me or give me advice I am breaking my heart over this :'(

Vicky x x