Hi, I wanted to get other opinions on giving antibiotics before and after a dental to my cavalier with a heart murmur. My 6.5 year old sweet boy was diagnosed in February 2012 with a grade 2 and now this past February it was graded as a 3. Both visits were graded by echo from a board certified cardiologist.

I just switched vets last week and my new vet says studies now show that it is not necessary to treat with antibiotics as a caution for dogs with heart murmurs. So I then contacted my dog's:cardiologist who told me this:

"In humans, the current recommendation is not to administer antibiotics prior to a dental procedure in an effort to prevent endocarditis. Antibiotics may be helpful in calming down gingivitis, but the bacteria usually associated with endocarditis are not the ones commonly used for that purpose. It is one of those things that vets have done for years with no scientific proof that it makes a difference."

Last year he had 5 teeth extracted, and was put on Clavamox 5 days before dental and 5 days after. I also did monthly pulse therapy of Clindamycin, which did not help much. This year he does have some loose front teeth. His teeth are not stained, it is more a problem of gingivitis. I do brush his teeth and he gets a greenie everyday after he eats. He is just prone to red gums. I also give him a fish oil capsule along with a 50 mg capsule of COQ10. He is not on any heart meds as of yet.

What is your opinion on this?
Thanks, Donna