Ah, time flys doesn't it? I can't believe he has been with us for four months, it barely seems weeks. We have just recently had his first holiday (in Anglesey) and he absolutely loved the beaches, and the sand, and sitting in proper bars restaurants or pubs like a little man. So many people coming over to say hello, he was a real attraction, and lapped all the adoration up like a little trooper.

He is six months old, and he is booked in for his neutering next week. Im not worried about it as I know he will be fine, although i am verging on nervous in a different way, since doing a search on neutering on the forums (I was looking for advise on post care and recoup time) and reading a thread which contained a big (and occasionally heated) debate about when or when not to do it

Both Teddys breeders, and my vet, have said that six months was a good time unless we were thinking of showing or siring him, which we aren't. It seems that most people feel that 6 - 9 months is acceptable?

There are no behaviourial reasons for it - He isn't particularly over naughty, just what I would think is normal puppy behaviour. He is incredibly randy at the moment, and has been christened Teddy Tripod recently, and he does hump his toys on a far more regular basis than previously, but otherthan that, nothing horrendous.

I am dropping him off at 8:30, going to work, and then picking him up at 5:30. That way I think I might survive the day, and then I have three lovely full days with him, just in case he is feeling a little bereft and a tad draughty in the nethers.

So my questions are post op? and recoup? I know what to do vet wise pre op, so thats ok, but post op when he is at home with us that first night, and recoup - will he just bounce back quite quickly, or am i in for the big sulk?.