Hi. So my cavalier got spayed a few weeks ago. I contacted her breeder who sent me her akc registration papers. I'm looking them over and they say that I need to give her an akc name and to make it original. Her mom is named "miley's miles of smiles" and her dad is "Mister Maxwell one in a million". uhmm.. okay, when I met them they were Max and Miley. I get it sort of. What is the purpose of naming your dog a huge name like that? Does she have to be the only one that has her name. I named her Lucie. The vet calls her Lucie Rose because Rose is my last name. But, how do I go about naming her for the akc? I want her to be registered ofcourse. I just don't know what I want to call her, what's proper? I have a few words I figured maybe I could just use her nicknames or commands.

her sit command is "be a lady"
her 'look at me' command is 'pretty eyes'
her release command is 'share it'

My boyfriend has nicknamed her 'little lu'

anyway, if anybody would like to tell me what I should put on this paperwork that would be nice. thanks!