For those of you who have gone through SM surgery with your dog can you tell me if you feel it was effective for your dog? Did it actually alleviate symptoms? Do they come back at some point? I cant find study results for dogs that have had the surgery several years ago, only results for dogs within the first year or so post surgery.

I know that the recovery is long, but how long was it before your dog seemed to be relatively back to normal and how did you manage to keep you dog inactive for so long?

My 2 year old Maddie is a mill rescue and has exhibited symptoms since she came to me at 11 months old. She doesnt give any indication that she is in pain, but does neck scratching, particularly while walking on lead.

I took her to see Dr Marino at LIVS who accepted her into his study group. An MRI showed that she has PSOM in both ears as well as signs of SM. She has developed a syrinx. They did a myringotomy while she was anesthetized for the MRI but that didnt produce any noticeable effects. Dr. Marino has recommended that we not wait to do surgery for the SM and do it now.

Im very nervous not only about the actual surgery but about the recovery process as well. Maddie is a young and very active dog living in a multi-dog household (She has 2 Cavalier sisters and a German Shepherd sister as well). I dont know how Im going to keep her quiet and inactive for months and months. I will be taking time off from work to be home with her for a few weeks after the surgery and I can bring her to work with me after that which will make it easier but it will be hard for all the dogs to be separated from each other as they are closely bonded.

I guess Im looking for reassurance that Im doing the right thing or her, Its very hard to know that my decision will cause her months and months of pain when I look at her today and shes not in pain now. However I could never forgive myself if I put it off and her SM progressed to the point where she was suffering.

Im grateful to have found this group and appreciate and advice you can offer.

Thanks, Patty