Hi, I'm Patty and live in the New York City area. I'm the Customer Service Manager with a large no-kill animal shelter located on Long Island. When I started working there I had one dog, a German Shepherd. Over the last three years I managed to add 3 Cavaliers as well.

All my Cavaliers are rescues from commercial breeding mills. Grace who is 6 & a blenheim was my first. She is the smallest and least traditional looking Cavalier, but also has the fewest health issues. Hayley is my tri-color girl and is about 9. She has MVD. We go for echocardiograms every six months, but fortunately so far she doesn't need any meds. Maddie is 2 and also a blenheim. She was recently diagnosed with SM and has surgery scheduled in the near future.

Even with all the health issues, I wouldn't trade them for any other breed in the world. Cavaliers have to be the sweetest most loving dogs in the world.