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Thread: Timed food dispenser

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    Question Timed food dispenser

    Charlie has SM and takes Gabapentin at 2 p.m. Sometimes we can't be home and so we take him with us. It's getting too hot to leave him in the car and we can't always find shade.
    So I thought I'd use a programmable timed food dispenser set to the appropriate time with his Gabapentin in a pill pocket and a treat.
    Has anyone had experience with these devices.

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    I bought one for Thistle. We did a practice run while I was home. The pill was in the compartment with some peanut butter. It went perfectly.

    Then we did a trial while I left the house. When I came home the dispenser was scratched up all over, had been moved into a completely different room, and was upside down. The batteries had come out of contact and it never opened.

    So, basically, how badly do you expect the machine to get assaulted when you aren't looking? Because if you have a food crazy cavalier, these machines can be very unreliable.

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