Last Friday I brought home a new cavalier. He's almost 3, a Bleneim(sp), settling in beautifully and hasn't done anything wrong.
He's had a rough 2-3 weeks.
His original owner couldn't keep him any longer and in spite of a signed contract with the breeder turned him into the dog pound with full documentation where he stayed for a week. because of his cataracts he was deemed unadoptable and scheduled for euthanasia. BUT when a shelter employee saw the contract contacted his breeder and he was rescued. SO 1 week in the pound, 1 week at his breeders and now 1 week here.
He is not an eager eater. Poor little fellow now has to have his food taken away after 30 minutes. Sometimes he eats it all and sometimes he leaves it. I have 2 other dogs and being picky means your food will be eaten.
He cries a bit and appears to expect to be taken home.
Hopefully his appetite will soon return.
Anyway, fingers crossed.