Hello everyone , It may seem odd, but I have not got my Cavalier companion, yet. I have the last of my new fences going in now. I have sent off emails to the Cav Club in QLD about breeders over the last couple of months, but have not heard back, Yet (?) Must be busy. The Cav Club QLD did get back to me about my interest in joining and mentioned the June Family Fun day is on again this year, so I will go. I used to have 2 Maltese boys(brothers) , with the last one passing away at 15yoa. Has been 2 years now without a dog, and have decided for the fabulous little Cavalier. My vet said they are BEAUTIFUL little dogs! But to be prudent about getting proof of parents cardiac status for MVD - goog heart stock. So, if anyone could suggest a fantastic breeder, I do not mind ! (thinking of getting two)