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    When we first got Jemima, my husband insisted she would never be allowed in the bedroom.

    After a few months, she was allowed in when we were there, getting dressed or cleaning etc.

    After another little while she was allowed on the bed when we had our morning coffee.

    She still slept in her pen in the lounge room.

    I recently went away for a week, and my husband cared for Jemima. When I returned home, she was sleeping in her pen in our bedroom! Reason: "We had a bad thunder storm and she was scared"!

    Since sleeping in our room, she wakes us at 7 - 7.30am instead of 5 - 5.30am. That's a bonus.

    I'm taking bets on how long before she is sleeping in our bed with us!!

    Jemima's new coat by Pelempone, on Flickr

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    Hahaha thats so cute!
    it wont be long.. she is growing up so fast!!!
    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
    wait for me...


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