Its 11:00 pm.
i was just taking the big box of cat sand outside, when Maggie pushed last me and ran outside.
I live in an above ground suite my door comes out to a carport and private driveway. Which leads to a busy street. She is always on leash when we are outside.
Of course she bolts down the driveway, onto the street. Down the sidewalk (on our usual walk) I'm after her. She sees me and bolts. I say come. She runs. I say sit. She basically laughs in my face.

This. Happened with Oliver once and I never forgot it. Big difference was it was a dead quiet road.
I know it's a matter of minutes before a car comes. I can hear it. We are on a curve.
So I say "bye he Maggie" a sentence that always gets her to come. She knows what bye bye means. She comes running. But before she gets to me she runs into the street as the car is coming.
I waved the car down. It stopps. Maggie runs up my driveway I call thank you to the car and run after her. Now she's in the carport on the other side of the car. I have her "trapped" except of I go one way I know she will try and bolt the other. .
Terrofied I stand there not knowing what to do.
Eventually creep and corner and pick her up

Inside I scolded her and put her in her kennel.
More so I could cool off. I. Am so mad and shaking. Burst into tears.

Thank god she's safe.
I probably scared the People in the car as much as I was.