Yesterday started and ended as 'bad' day for us. the inbetween part was not so bad acutaly

You may have read my 'ending' to yesterday in my other topic...
but we began the day...i was having a bad dream about someone giving maggie a bannana..and i remember someone saying bananas are not good for dogs. i was trying to get it away from her.
Just as i was dreaming this..i woke up to maggie sitting up in the bed..and puking up yellow liquid.

after a google search..some sites suggested its something to do with the length of time between meals. and there were suggestions of a bedtime snack.
shes been fine since....eating..drinking ..pooping...and no puking. so im not too worried.

but...if it is the length of time between meals...can i get some suggestions for a healthy bedtime snack?