We live in a very nice neighbourhood... and there are lots of tall pine trees lining the streets and yards.
Every night we go for a walk, maggie will find 'the perfect pine cone' and pick it up.
she will proceed to take it all the way home. she drops it about 18 times...sometimes it bounces into the street (at which point if its safe either i or she picks it up)
if i try to leave it behind..she pulls at me so she can get it.
She carries it about 10-15 minutes.
she LOVES pinecones.

of course when we get home...after shes carried her treasure all the way home..i have to take it away from her.. its not good for her to eat...which she would given the chance.

They should make doggy pine cones.. hah.. some kinda toy that resembles a pinecone..mabye smells like it...i dont know. something. i feel bad...its her TREASURE.