I posted a picture of Kennedy, kat (his mom), Elton and me under the photo section and Joyce had asked about Kennedy's MVD. I would like to say thank you to all of those that have offered help and guidence for my friend here at Cavalier Talk but I want to say just how helpful it was that I wrote some of this down and how that has led to where he is now.

Just a recap, Kennedy's main problem was that he would wake up scared and not able to breath. His vet said he had grade 3 and the MVD was the reason but upon visiting the cardiologist there was a disagreement. Writing what the cardiologist said and having Pat respond has led to where he is now and I hope it will find the answer she has been looking for.

Kennedy went back to a surgeon and looked at his nose and said there was nothing they could do. I brought up what I originally posted on CT and had my friend go back and contact his cardiologist. Kennedy has not been getting better and in fact has had 3 episodes that sound like serious seizures.

I said that the cardiologist mentioned something about his nostrils. Pat wrote,

"I would agree with the cardiologist on the problem - and it sounds like this is related to respiratory function with some abnormality. It almost sounds like sleep apnea, which could be the result of a physical abnormality"

I got the original cardiologist report where she mentioned a slanting in his nostrils. So at this moment, he is undergoing diagnostic tests were there are looking more in detail at his nose and throat. I don't know what they may find but there will be in consultation with the cardiologist, neurologist, and surgeon. I can't imagine what she has been through but I want to say thank you for everyone here. Although, I know that the doctor's and specialists know more and we are not here to diagnose anything, it really helped to share his story and even have them look back on his notes of what they said themselves.

On a side note, Kennedy's vet said he could do the procedure (same vet who said he could treat MVD and originally did the surgery for his elongated palatte) but she went with specialist because the cardiologist would be there. Thank goodness! I will keep everyone posted and thank you.