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    Argh! I've just realised after removing two ticks from jazz in the last couple of weeks, that the flea treatment I'm using doesn't cover ticks (advocate). I use advocate because Jazz was obsessed with snails as a puppy and I worried about lungworm. Ticks are an issue in our area as the walking areas can be used for grazing cattle.

    Should I change to another product or is there an additional tick treatment that someone can recommend??

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    I'm in SW Missouri, USA, and ticks are in abundance this year. Bentley's medications allow the tick to attach itself but it then dies and falls off before it does much blood sucking. Yuck. He had one on his face near his mouth last week for a whole day and we could not get a grip on it to remove. The next morning I found it all dried up on the bed.

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    Ticks were super bad here (southeastern Virginia) last summer. We had a heck of a time even with the "respells ticks too" spot treatment. Luckily Fletcher was a puppy so I could check him every night without having to deal with all that hair When he started swimming almost every day the problem stopped. I don't think that will be much help to you tho some people swear by natural methods of tick control not sure they work for every dog tho...
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