I haven’t been on here in ages. As some of you will know all 3 of my dogs have SM.They were diagnosed 2 years ago.
Over time I have noticed (also talking to other owners with SM dogs) that weather change & air pressure has a huge affect on them.
Rosie & Ebony are on 4x 100mg Gabbapentin and 3x Zitac a day. When the air pressure is bad I add Previcox (like Metacam) once a day. This last week the pressure has been up & down like a yo yo and I never have seen them scratch so badly.
My Question is – My vet said it would be ok to up the Gabbapentin to 3x200mg a day on bad days. As they usual manage well on the 4x100mg I don’t really want to keep them on 3x200mg. Is it ok to keep changing the dose?