After losing our special cavalier, Butters, this past April, my husband and I have started thinking about bringing another cavalier into our family. Butters really was our heart dog, and it has been terribly painful without him. My husband especially has been taking his death very difficultly, as they did everything together and had an incredibly close bond. We have talked about adopting another male cavalier, tentatively in August this year. I worry so much, however, that our next dog will always be in the shadow of what Butters was to us... Butters set the bar pretty high. He had the most incredible mellow temperament, enjoyed cuddling on the couch for hours, never once showed any aggressive behavior, rarely barked, never chewed on furniture, had only a couple of accidents ever in the house, and loved everyone he met.

For forum members who have lost heart dogs: What was your experiences bringing home your next cavalier? What can we do to not place unreasonable expectations on our next little dog, as he will be following in some pretty large footsteps?