Now before I start, I have read threads on here about not running with a cavalier because it's bad for their joints and they're just not meant for long distance running. But here is my situation:

I live in an urban city and the only dog park here is full of big dogs with untrained owners - the girls hate it and do not get the freedom to run around without being trampled. On the weekends we go to parks out of the city where they can run off leash but during the week we just cant do that.

I walk the girls everyday but Lady is still incredibly energetic so a walk alone just doesn't make her tired. Lady is very high energy and Gracie is the complete opposite - so I would not consider bringing Gracie on a jog. The other thing is, when I say jog/run, i mean it in the most amateur sense. I am NOT a real runner. So if I took Lady for a run it would probably only be 2-3kms at a slow pace.

When Lady was a puppy she seemed to have a patella issue but at her check up a month ago the vet found no symptoms at all of any patella problems.

Do you think she would be okay jogging a couple kms a few times a week?