I filled my apartment with puppy products long before Maggie came home.

One of her favorite things is the chicken flavord nylabone

She bloody loves it. Shes never unsupervised with it..but i notice the ends get rather...chewed to say the least. and she can quiet easily chew off these chunks.
so i was replacing it rather fast..becasue she just goes gagga over it.
I decided to buy her a bigger one in hopes it mightlast longer. she had it chewd to bits coming off of it within an hour.
I know shes loves them..but they dont seem safe to me.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiances?
Thers another nyla bone she has..smaller..clear..flexible. she could care less. im guessing its because it tastes like chicken that she loves it. but who knows. ive taken it away now and probably for the last time. not worth it.